Our raw materials

Quality starts with the selection of the best suppliers. Carefully selected spices and exquisite raw materials from all over the world are the heart of the Kotányi product range. Our rigorous selection and evaluation method ensures that we are collaborating with top suppliers, most of whom we have been doing business with for many years. In doing so, our focus is on regional suppliers and sustainability. We regularly conduct on-site audits and inspect the producing areas.

The content of essential oils is highly influential on the quality of herbs.  It is therefore absolutely necessary to select and treat the raw material as carefully and gently as possible in order to preserve the essential oils that are responsible for the flavour and fragrance of our products.

The use of gentle treatment methods ensures that the valuable flavours of our herbs are preserved to their full extent. As soon as the delicate merchandise arrives at Kotányi, it is subject to rigorous quality controls.