Bio Paprika Premium Sweet

Bio Paprika Premium Sweet


PET jar 1200 ccm

We use only the finest raw materials from carefully selected origins to produce our organic herbs and spices. They are harvested with utmost care, gently processed and meticulously packaged, while officially accredited testing centres make sure that the products meet the rigorous quality standards for organic foods. Our organic special premium sweet paprika produces a mild but highly aromatic flavour with a distinct fruity tinge and a pleasantly spicy edge. The spice will unfold its full colour intensity only through cooking in fat. However, it will acquire an acrid taste when exposed to too much heat.


Paprika is a typical ingredient of Hungarian, Serbian and Turkish cuisines. It is indispensable for all kinds of goulashes and adds special zest to meat dishes, soups, stews and spreads. It is also used for dying sausages and cheeses.